Ch Buckwheater's Hair Apparent

Our homebred champions

1.    Buckwheater's Jack Frost
2.    Buckwheater's Just Ice
3.    Buckwheater's Carnival Glass
4.    Buckwheater's Cereal Killer
5.    Buckwheater's Cheshire Cat
6.    Buckwheater's Critics' Choice
7.    Buckwheater's Curry Favour
8.    Buckwheater's Saved By The Bell
9.    Buckwheater's Spot of Tea
10.    Buckwheater's Standard Bearer
11.    Buckwheater's Sugar And Spies
12.    Buckwheater's Sweet And Low
13.    Buckwheater's Whiter Shade
14.    Buckwheater's Evening Star
15.    Buckwheater's Epic Wave
16.    Buckwheater's Banana Republic
17.    Buckwheater's Harvest Moon
18.    Buckwheater's Hey Ma Look At Me
19.    Buckwheater's Hair Apparent
20.    Buckwheater's Heaven Can't Wait
21.    Buckwheater's Match Me If You Can
22.    Buckwheater's Made of Stars
23.    Buckwheater's Kiss Me Then Miss Me
24.    Buckwheater's Beyond Belief
25.    Buckwheater's Keep Feeling Fascination
26.    Buckwheater's Move Heaven And Earth
27.    Buckwheater's Painted Black
28.    Buckwheater's Kaboom Shake The Room
29.    Buckwheater's Killarney Fern
30.    Buckwheater's Khaos And Mayhem
31.    Buckwheater's No Barking Just Sparkling
32.    Buckwheater's Pie In The Skye
33.    Buckwheater's Paws For Applause
34.    Buckwheater's To The Moon And Back
35.    Buckwheater's Totally Pawsome
36.    Buckwheater's Tinker Tailor Soldier Skye
37.    Buckwheater's Rainbow Republic
38.    Buckwheater's Tribble Trouble
39.    Buckwheater's Keep Cool Im No Fool
40.    Buckwheater's Riddle Me This
41.    Buckwheater's Ruffian

International champions

1.    Buckwheater's Jack Frost
2.    Buckwheater's Just Ice
3.    Buckwheater's Cereal Killer
4.    Buckwheater's Cheshire Cat
5.    Buckwheater's Critics' Choice
6.    Buckwheater's Curry Favour
7.    Buckwheater's Sweet And Low
8.    Buckwheater's Evening Star
9.    Buckwheater's Banana Republic
10.    Buckwheater's Harvest Moon
11.    Buckwheater's Made of Stars
12.    Buckwheater's Killarney Fern
13.    Buckwheater's Kaboom Shake The Room
14.    Buckwheater's Kiss Me Then Miss Me
15.    Buckwheater's Epic Wave

CAC winners

  • Buckwheater's Colour Me Cream
  • Buckwheater's Celtic Call
  • Buckwheater's Hold That Tiger
  • Buckwheater's Popcorn Time
  • Buckwheater's Partly Bananas

    US Grand Champion Bronze Level (over 100 Grand Champion points)

  • Buckwheater's Keep Feeling Fascination

    Pointed in the USA

  • Buckwheater's Blue Lakes Oiseau de Paradis