24th of May, 2008

C.I.B NORD CH FI & SE & NO & EE CH Buckwheater's Jack Frost
C.I.B NORD CH FI & SE & NO & EE CH Buckwheater's Just Ice

"Touko" and "Lyyli" 7 weeks:

Jack Frost

Just Ice

Wolfman of Skye-High


  • Gloucester KC 2004: Best of Breed, 3 pt
  • GWTA 2004: Winners Dog, 5 pt major
  • Skye Club of Southern California 2004: RWD
  • Long Beach KC 2004: WD, BOW 4 pt major
  • MCKC 2004: Reserve Winners Dog
  • GWTA 2005: WD, BOS, Champion
  • Charleston KC 2005: BOB, GROUP-4
  • Lumberton KC 2006: BOB, GROUP-4
  • Savannah KC 2006: BOB, GROUP-3

    Tämä on Wolfien ensimmäinen pentue Euroopassa.
    This is Wolfie's first litter in Europe.

    Olga Smid (kennel Olivia) arvosteli Wolfien Yhdysvaltain päänäyttelyssä (Montgomery County) vuonna 2004:
    Judge Olga Smid's (kennel Olivia) critique of Wolfie at Montgomery County, 2004:
    "Grand Skye, sound and well constructed in brilliant condition, magnificent type and style, correct size, attractive head, long neck, good front and rear, elegant outline, long low and level, correct tail set and carriage, moved with great style and ring presence, in glamorous cream coat, perfectly handled."

    C.I.B NORD CH FI & SE & NO & EE CH HeW-11 HeVW-12 FIW-12 FIVW-12
    Finnsky Fascination