14 May 2022

We have three new champions! Buckwheater's Ruffian gained her third JUN-CAC in Helsinki IDS Royal Canin Show and is now Finnish Junior Champion. Her brother Buckwheater's Riddle Me This is visiting Denmark and has so far gained 2 JUN-CACs and 2 CACs in Roskilde shows, and is now Danish Junior Champion. The evergreen Harri, Buckwheater's Epic Wave got his final CACIB today in South Africa with another BOB win, and is now International Champion (pending confirmation)!!

08 May 2022

Buckwheater's Keep Cool Im No Fool was WB/BOW in Pinehurst, NC and got the last point she needed for her American Championship! Her "baby brother" Buckwheater's Blue Lakes Oiseau de Paradis gained his first point and BOW the next day.

Buckwheater's Ruffian got her second JUN-CAC and was also BOS in Sastamala under breed specialist Kirsi Sainio. Buckwheater's Blue Lakes Lion Solaire was BOB-puppy.

07 May 2022

Show updates: Buckwheater's Totally Pawsome was shown in Paris, France, and won BOB and CACIB at the Championnat de France gaining the title Latin Winner-22. On the next day at the European Winner Show she was awarded Reserve CACIB.

In Finland Buckwheater's Banana Republic embarked on her Veteran career and won BOB, BOB-VET, VET-CAC and BIS-2 VET in Kankaanpää. The next weekend we were in a show in Lahti, where she gained her second VET-CAC and BOS, as well as BOS-VET. Her daughter Buckwheater's Ruffian was BB-2 with CAC and JUN-CAC. Our baby boy Iivo, Buckwheater's Blue Lakes Lion Solaire, was shown in all-breed Puppy Show and won BOB Puppy and GROUP-2.

In Oulu NORD show Buckwheater's Tribble Trouble won BOB with CAC and NORD CAC and is now a brand new Finnish Champion!

14 April 2022

We have puppies - meillä on pentuja: Puppies

Last weekend two brothers were shown: Buckwheater's Rainbow Republic got the title German Klub-Jugendsieger and German Jugendchampion. Buckwheater's Riddle Me This was awarded CAC and BOB in Norway.

13 March 2022

Show news from the USA and France: Buckwheater's Tinker Tailor Soldier Skye was shown in GWTA cluster and won BOS over specials with a 3 point major in Beverly Hills KC, STCA supported entry under Patricia Anne Keenan. He is now American Champion having collected 3 majors and a total of 16 points. His sister Buckwheater's Totally Pawsome won CACS and BOS in a national show in France, and is now half way to her national champion title.

21 February 2022

The latest addition to our crew arrived: Musti is a miniature longhaired Dachshund.

13 January 2022

Our long-awaited new addition arrived all the way from Moscow, Russia: little Pupu is a kaninchen longhaired Dachshund. She is absolutely adorable.

9 January 2022

Buckwheater's Tinker Tailor Soldier Skye started the year with two 3-point major wins, going BOS on both occasions. This brings his total point score to 11, and he needs only four single points for his American Championship. His sister Buckwheater's Totally Pawsome was shown in IDS Paris and was awarded CACS, CACIB and BOS. She has now fulfilled the requirements for French Championship.

19 December 2021

Helsinki Winner & Finnish Winner weekend was a great success: Pallo was Best of Breed in Helsinki Winner and BOS in Winner. She was awarded the titles HeW-21 and FIW-21. Aino was entered only in Helsinki Winner, and she won the Veteran Class and placed BB-2 with RES-NORD CAC and got the title Helsinki Veteran Winner. Jouko was BM-4 on both days.

12 December 2021

Buckwheater's Rainbow Republic won BOB with JCAC in Bonn Terriershow.

14 November 2021

Buckwheater's Riddle Me This was shown in Herning, Denmark. In the Nordic Winner show he was awarded Junior CAC, CAC, Res NORD CAC and the title Nordic Junior Winner. Buckwheater's Totally Pawsome was shown in Douai, France. She won CACS and BOS, and now needs one more CACS to finish her French Championship.

8 November 2021

Buckwheater's Epic Wave won Best Veteran In Group, BOB and DCC.

24 October 2021

Buckwheater's Rainbow Republic started his show career in Germany at 11 months of age. He was awarded Junior CACs (VDH & KFT), the title Bundesjugendsieger-21 and BOS.

The dam of our newest litter, Buckwheater's Painted Black had health checks done: elbows INC 1/1 and patellas 1/1 (lat.).

One of our young girls, Buckwheater's Tribble Trouble, was health checked too: elbows INC 2/1, patellas 0/0 and clear eyes. We are planning a litter for "Eppu" in 2022.

10 October 2021

Buckwheater's Epic Wave won Reserve Best Veteran In Show in South Africa! Well done Harri!

The French boys have their own page now: Blue Lakes-litter. Photographed at 7 weeks of age.

03 October 2021

What a weekend! We have two new CAC winners! At Vantaa all-breed show Linda, Buckwheater's Ruffian , was awarded her first CAC and best bitch-3 at the tender age of 10 months. Her sire Jouko, Buckwheater's Killarney Fern, took BOS. Hippu, Lilla Farsbo's Halleluja Moment, decided she might want to be a show dog after all, and won her first CAC with Best of Breed! So happy!

27 September 2021

At Lahti Group Shows, Pallo, Buckwheater's Match Me If You Can was BOB. Kaneli, Lavaux's Bahamian Kathleen finally had her ring debut and was second best bitch with CAC! Hippu Lilla Farsbo's Halleluja Moment was shown after a two-year-break and got EXC1 in open class.

Our friend Christa visited us and took some fabulous photos of our dogs. Here are a few examples. All photos by Christa Matikainen

25 September 2021

Another CACIB for Harri, Buckwheater's Epic Wave. He needs one more for the CIB title.

20 September 2021

Buckwheater's Totally Pawsome was shown in the prestigious National d'Elevage in France, and got the Reserve CAC in a field of 25 Skyes. In addition, she was BIS-2 Open class exhibit. Buckwheater's To The Moon And Back got two CACIBs with BOBs in Pskov, Russia. Buckwheater's Killarney Fern won BOB in Tampere group show. Buckwheater's Ruffian debuted in official classes with Excellent 1st at the age of 10 months.

11 September 2021

The dam of our T-litter, Buckwheater's Match Me If You Can won BOB with CACIB at Royal Canin Show in Helsinki. Buckwheater's Killarney Fern was BOS with CACIB.

Photo: Christa Ahlbom

05 September 2021

Buckwheater's Totally Pawsome got CACL, CACIB, BOB & Qualified for Crufts at IDS Luxembourg. She is now Luxembourg Champion. In the French Championship show the next day she won the Open Class and was awarded RES-CAC and RES-CACIB.

Buckwheater's To The Moon And Back was shown in Minsk IDS and gained 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, 2 x BOB, the titles Belarus Winner-21 and Belarus Champion!

22 August 2021

Congrats to Buckwheater's Epic Wave for CACIB and BOS in South Africa!

18 August 2021

A new photo of Buckwheater's Rainbow Republic at 9 months of age. He is owned by Elke Spinnrock, Morningsky kennels, Germany.

Ch. Buckwheater's To The Moon And Back CAC, CACIB, BOB in IDS "VLADIMIR 2021", Russia.

15 August 2021

Congratulations to Buckwheater's Totally Pawsome for CACL and BOS in Luxembourg!

8 August 2021

A fabulous day at the Skye Terrier Club of Finland 50th Anniversary Jubilee Specialty! The entry was 52 Skyes under breed specialist Robert Kanas (Flanagan). Our results: Killarney Fern winner of champion dogs, Best Male-1 and BOS; Match Me If You Can winner of champion bitches, Best Bitch-2; Kaboom Shake The Room 3rd in champion bitches & Best Bitch-4; Evening Star winner of veteran bitches and BOS Veteran. Little Linda, Buckwheater's Ruffian, won puppy bitch class and was second best bitch puppy with a stellar critique. Tribble Trouble got EXC2 in intermediate bitches. Our breeder group won BIS breeder in a field of five breeder groups.

Photo: Kati Lönnström

27 July 2021

New dog pages: Partly Bananas, Pie In The Skye, Pictured Perfect.

25 July 2021

Cahuete Best Bitch and BOS in a field of 9 Skyes. She also passed the temperament test required for the French Championship, with flying colours. Her brother Teijo won back-to-back Best of Breeds and added two points to his list.

20 July 2021

New dog pages: Tinker Tailor Soldier Skye and Totally Pawsome.

11 July 2021

Our young girls were shown this weekend. Linda started her show career in Mäntsälä all-breed puppy show: she was BOB and GROUP-3 under Terrier specialist Vesa Lehtonen.
Eppu was shown in Oulu cluster, and got EXC1 on Friday, BB-2 RES-CAC & RES-CACIB on Saturday and BOS, CAC and NORD-CAC on Sunday! She needs one more CAC to finish her title after her 2nd birthday.

27 June 2021

Farewell Touko, Ch. Buckwheater's Jack Frost. Heaven gained another angel. Tähdeksi taivaalle, Touko.

Buckwheater's Totally Pawsome CAC and BOB in France. Congratulations little Peanut and owners Marc and Cathy!

New dog pages: Keep Feeling Fascination, Kiss Me Then Miss Me, Made of Stars

9 May 2021

News from South Africa: Buckwheater's Epic Wave made a come back in Veteran classes and was awarded Best Veteran In Show at the Transvaal Terrier Club show.

1 May 2021

New dog pages: Move Heaven And Earth, To The Moon And Back, Carnival Glass, Paws For Applause, Painted Black, Sweet And Low.

Health results: To The Moon And Back - PL 0/0, Tiger In The Smoke - PL 1/1, eyes clear, Lavaux's Bahamian Kathleen - INC 1/1, PL 1/1, Adventurer's Lost A Pound'N Found A Penny - HD B/B ED 0/0.


4 April 2021

New pages: Champions, Health, Exports, Imports, Breeder groups

Our website has had a total facelift, but not all individual dog pages are there yet. They will be available later this spring.
In the meanwhile, enjoy browsing the website.

Ch. Buckwheater's Banana Republic and her daughter Ch. Buckwheater's Painted Black